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Muskogee’s historical significance and geographical attributes have made it a noteworthy setting for storytelling in both the music and film industries, leaving a lasting mark on popular culture. It is also the home to Oklahoma’s Music and Movie Halls of Fame.

In terms of music, Muskogee is best known for its connection to the country music genre. The city gained immense popularity through the country music hit “Okie from Muskogee,” recorded by Merle Haggard in 1969.

Regarding film, Muskogee has been featured in various movies and TV shows due to its diverse landscapes and historic architecture. Its unique blend of urban and natural scenery provides an authentic backdrop for both period and contemporary film productions.



From lush, rolling hills and dense woodlands to the scenic Arkansas River, the city provides a natural canvas suitable for a wide range of film genres. The versatility in topography allows for various settings, whether it’s a rustic, historic backdrop or a modern, urban atmosphere. Filmmakers can leverage this diversity to craft visually captivating scenes and tell compelling stories.



Approximately 38,000 people

Median Age:
Around 36 years old

Racial Makeup:
Predominantly White, followed by African American, Native American and Hispanic populations.

Muskogee’s population and demographic makeup offer filmmakers a valuable palette for crafting authentic and diverse narratives. With a relatively moderate population size and a diverse demographic, the city provides a realistic backdrop for portraying various characters and storylines. Film producers can accurately represent a broad spectrum of communities and cultural contexts within Muskogee, enriching the depth and relatability of their films.


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